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internetstores GmbH İş İlanları

internetstores GmbH

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 internetstores is one of the most successful bike and outdoor e-commerce companies in the world today. Beginning in 2003 with the launch of fahrrad.de (the company’s first online store), today internetstores caters to a broad range of consumers through a portfolio of online stores focussed on the bike and outdoor segments.

Within the bike portfolio, fahrrad.de, Brügelmann, Bikeunit and Bikester provide a comprehensive range of product, parts and apparel for all bike enthusiasts from leisure cyclists to performance sports riders. Within outdoor, CAMPZ and Addnature provide mountaineers, climbers, hikers, travellers and campers with all their equipment and apparel needs.

internetstores and its online stores have won several awards such as the “Deutsche Gründerpreis” as well as “Onlinestore of the year”, in recognition of the company’s success and customer proposition.


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