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WJ GROUNDWATER  Project Engineer İş İlanı

Company / Job Description



WJ Groundwater is a specialist contractor providing dewatering and groundwater remediation services in the UK and overseas. Established in 1981, WJ has an unrivaled in-house technical ability, experienced staff and has successfully carried out some of The largest and most challenging groundwater control projects in the UK and the Middle East such as the London 2012 Olympic Aquatic Centre and over £10million worth of work on the Crossrail Project. WJ's prepared the Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) industry standard guide to dewatering; the CIRIA Guide Groundwater Control: Design and Practice C515 published in 2000.


The principal function of this position is to provide leadership in Site Management and supervision of our site staff across a number of projects throughout Turkey.


To provide engineering supervision to the installation & operation process 

  • Undertake review of tender documents (eg pumping tests, site investigations, specifications) to assist in dewatering system design
  • On contract award, prepare Method and Task Statements, Risk Assessments, Programmes, Schedules and Safe Systems of Work
  • Assist in the specification and procurement of the equipment required to undertake contracts
  • Directly supervise activities on the site (well drilling, pipe laying, pump installation, electrical connection and dewatering system commissioning) ensuring works are carried out safely and according to specification.
  • Ensure works are being carried out to the contract programme
  • Be responsible for collecting, collating and reporting relevant data (such as: 'as built' information, water levels, discharge Flows)
  • Be thorough and rigorous in checking information and take appropriate action to rectify the faults and be pro active in data management.


As part of the Management team

  • Assist in the planning and implementation of sales objectives by close involvement in day to day planning of resources (people, plant, equipment etc)
  • Supervise, mentor and support Site Engineers, Drilling Supervisors and General Foreman
  • Maintain and enhance WJ's reputation for undertaking contracts based on knowledge and scientific principles.


Take responsibility for the broader corporate aims 

  • Ensure consistency of presentation of documents such as RAMS, reports, graphs, drawings
  • Ensure consistency of presentation of the site plant, equipment and personnel


The above is not exhaustive and you will be expected to undertake any other duties which may reasonably fall within the level of Responsibility and competence of the post as required


As part of WJ Team, you are expected to 

  • Abide by the policies of the company
  • Portray yourself in a professional manner to your colleagues and to the clients
  • Be able to work in a multinational environment of varying levels
  • Respect the culture and belief of others
  • Exercise care and concern to the company's assets and properties
  • Show honesty and loyalty to the company


You can submit your CV's to recruitment@wj-me.com

Required Skills

  • Fluent in English communication both written and oral
  • Having valid driving license.
  • Systematic, well organized and can work independently with minimum supervision.
  • Results-driven, resourceful, creative and with positive sense of humor
  • Computer skills MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) essential
  • Dewatering is knowledge PREFERRED
  • Minimum 3 years construction experience
  • Graduate in Engineering (Geotechnical, Civil and Mechanical)

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