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Management Consultancy / Strategic Sourcing

İstanbul Anadolu Yakası
  • 30.07.2018
  • 50 - 100 Arası Aday Başvurdu
  • 1307 Görüntüleme

İş Tanımı

Management Consultancy / Strategic Sourcing Associate


İstanbul Anadolu Yakası

İş Tanımı

New York borsasına kote olan WNS’in bir şirketi olan Denali, uluslararası şirketlere operasyonel satin-alma alanında danışmanlık veren ve şirketlerin direkt ve endirekt satin-alma operasyonları yürüten uluslararası bir şirkettir. 

Denali’nin Avrupa ve Ortadoğu'da merkezi Istanbul'dur. Avrupa müşterilerine hizmet verdiği mükemmelliyet merkezi ülkemizdedir.

Denali, yönettiği 20 milyar dolar ölçeğindeki satınalma projeleri sonucunda müşterilerine 2.5 milyar dolar kazanım sağlamıştır. Denali Türkiuye’ndeki Avrupa merkezinin yanında, Amerika, Cin ve Hindistan ofisleriyle global müşterilerine hizmet vermektedir.


Leading the Way in Procurement Services

At Denali- A WNS Company, we believe procurement’s potential is huge. We focus on addressing procurement’s operating challenges through modular end-to-end source-to-pay services. Our flexible resource augmentation model allows us to co-create and collaborate within client environments.

Clients benefit from our knowledge about smart technology enablers and unique point solutions that drive procurement value. We onboard dedicated program managers who work hard at solving problems and adjusting solutions to meet the client’s exact needs. Our goal is to always outperform and ensure client success

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Job description

The Sourcing Associate will execute simple to complex sourcing projects, from start to finish, including but not limited to – sourcing requests validation per client guidelines, requirements analysis for the bid packages, communicating with client requesters to close any data gaps, prepare and publish the package to the identified suppliers for bidding purposes, following up with suppliers to ensure adequate participation, and summarizing proposals back to the requestor.

Key Responsibilities / Job Duties*

* Sourcing Associate Key Responsibilities / Job Duties assume the inclusion of the descriptors from the Sourcing Analyst position description.

 - Provides sourcing services (RFP, RFI, RFQ) to our clients based on predefined service levels, managing 5-12 simple to complex projects simultaneously

- Lead and execute the DSS sourcing process from start to finish, e.g., RFx development, reverse auctions, data analysis

- A strong understanding of the reverse auction methodology and concepts that apply to various sourcing scenarios: Lotting, Pricing, Supplier Communications, stakeholder change management.

- Develop mastery in multiple core phases of the DSS sourcing methodology and provide mentoring and training to the rest of the team members

- Collaborate with Client Category Managers and/or Denali SMEs on project strategy and tailor sourcing execution based on direction provided by them

- Evaluate project scope and determine sourcing approach and methodology to be applied; develop and/or customize various templates including RFx, pricing, and proposal evaluation

- Perform in depth analysis of proposals submitted, draw conclusions, prepare comprehensive summaries, and present back to the client in a concise manner

- Develop and maintain comprehensive project documentation 

- Identify areas of process inefficiencies and suggest improvements to management, including development of templates and job aids to improve efficiency and effectiveness of Denali Sourcing Services processes

- Coaching, transferring knowledge, and developing team members to be more effective in their current roles

- Conduct peer reviews for other team member’s projects and check for quality, consistency and compliance with DSS methodology and client specific requirements


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Desired Skills and Experience:

- Strong eSourcing skills, including DSS sourcing methodology, eSourcing technology, RFX development and management

- Strong customer service orientation including demonstrated issue resolution and relationship management skills

- Strong analytical skills and ability to work with data in Excel using pivot tables and various other key Excel functions to analyze organize and present data

- Mastery of client specific processes, terminology, political environment, systems and unique requirements by various business groups

- Excellent project management skills including project planning, time management, multitasking, critical path definition

- Ability to follow a process based on documented guidelines with minimal supervision

- Ability to summarize a large amount of quantitative and qualitative information in support of developing RFx packages

- Solid decision-making ability using available facts in sensitive client situations

- Proficiency of one or more eSourcing tools (e.g., Ariba, Procuri, Iasta, Zycus, ERP eSourcing module)

- Mastery of various project documentation and tracking systems

- Basic negotiation skills

 Required Education and Experience

 - Bachelors Degree from a reputable university, master’s degree is preferred.

- 5-10 years of work experience. Operational, procurement, sourcing or service desk management or management consultancy work experience is preferred 

- Previous corporate work experience is desirable

- Deep understanding of at least one sourcing category and a good understanding of an

additional 2-5 categories (e.g. pricing structures, terminology, bidding sheet development expertise, cost structure, key vendors, etc.)

- Must write, read and speak excellent fluent English

- Ability to fluently speak and write any of the following languages are preferred and will be given higher ranking and would be considered as a plus- French, German.

 Please submit your application to doruk.aydin@wns.com

 it’s about bringing what you have, to a challenging and constantly evolving game.

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Pozisyon:Management Consultant Sektör:Danışmanlık Hizmetleri Kategori:Hizmet, Proje / Yönetim Çalışma Şekli:Tam zamanlı Pozisyon Seviyesi:Uzman Çalışma Yeri:İstanbul Anadolu Yakası Deneyim:5-10 yıl 

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Amerika Birleşik Devletleri Bellevue, Washington merkezli Denali Group, Inc. Dergisinin 500|5000 listesine gore Amerika'nin en hızlı buyuyen şirketleri arasında yer almaktadır. Bugune kadar 50 den fazla global musterisi icin maliyet yonetimi donusum programlari tasarlayip uygulayan Denali Group, yonettigi 20 milyar dolar olcegindeki satinalma projeleri sonucunda musterilerine 2.5 milyar dolar kazanım sağlamıştır. Denali Amerika, Cin ve Hindistan ofisleriyle hizmet vermektedir. Denali Yonetim Danismanlik Hizmetleri Ltd. Avrupa ve Ortadoğu'da bulunan musterilerine Istanbul'daki ofisinden danismanlik hizmetleri sunmaktadir. Firmanın Diğer İlanları
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