Native English Teacher Part/Full Time

  • 10.08.2021
  • 0 - 50 başvuru
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American Life Dil Okulları A. Ş. Native English Teacher Part/Full Time İş İlanı

Job Description

We are looking for native English teachers who can attend general and business English lessons.

Required Skills

  • Preferably have a TESOL, TEFL, CELTA or DELTA certificate,
  • Good interpersonal skills,
  • Willing to use interactive and communicative methods in classes,
  • Experince in teaching business English is an advantage,
  • Strong communication skills, good appearence and speech,
  • Ability to use digital teaching materials (Internet, PC)
  • Preferably 3 years of teaching experience,
  • Focus on innovation and teamwork,
  • Preferably from the Usa, Canada, the UK, Australia or have the accent of one of these countries.

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