Residences Financial Controller

  • 06.01.2021
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Job Description

To direct, manage and support the development, implementation, maintenance and administration of all financial controls and accounting procedures, based upon a maximization of internal control techniques consistent with MOHG established policy and generally accepted accounting principles, as adapted to any local legal requirements. 
To be actively involved in the search for opportunities to improve the profitability of the residences and encourage the preparation of exception reports and analyses to help meet and measure the success of this objective.  
To carry out any other duties that may be reasonably requested by the Director of Finance or General Manager. 
To assist in organizing an efficient treasury function to provide proper management of the residences’ working capital and cash flow in accordance with MOHG minimum guidelines. Also, to ensure excessive investment is not made in receivables or inventories and that sufficient liquidity is maintained to meet the hotel’s obligations.  
To review and critique project capital expenditure reports to ensure that both the General Manager, Director of Finance and MOHG are provided with complete and accurate information. 
To continuously monitor economic, social and governmental trends and policies to ensure the MOHG corporate management are kept fully appraised of any implications which may affect the performance of the hotel in meeting its financial objectives.  
To assist with the responsibility for the efficient operation and maintenance of the residences’ computerized data processing function within the MOHG established guidelines. 
To ensure all financial reports, budgets, forecasts and other information required by MOHG are accurately compiled and submitted within the specified time limits, identifying variances and making recommendations for improvements as appropriate.  
To personally review forecasts and budgets prepared by management to ensure the General Manager and Director of Finance are provided with guidelines of performance that are both reasonable and achievable. 
To assist in ensuring that all legal, treasury, statutory and tax documentation is properly maintained and secured and that all statutory and fiscal reporting requirements are satisfied, which will include any governmental requirement for permits and licenses. 
To assist in ensuring that adequate controls are installed and maintained for the protection of the residences’ assets against loss or misappropriation.
To assist in ensuring that adequate insurance coverage is maintained to protect the assets of the residences.
Assume full responsibility for the proper control of all cash funds and other assets for subordinates
To establish a comprehensive credit and collection policy for the hotel based on good industry practice and within the guidelines provided by MOHG.

Required Skills

A conclusive prior experience as Financial Controller, Assistant Director of Finance and/or equivalent in a Five Star Luxury property An experience with the accounting principles managing a stand-alone property with full accounting independence
An extensive knowledge of statutory and tax requirements within the IFRS framework
Knowledge of the financial tools used by MOHG, specifically Sun accounting system, Hyperion forecasting/budgeting system and HFM reporting system
A Finance degree
Excellent communication skills spoken and written both in Turkish & English

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