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Senior Web & Mobile Software Programmer

  • 02.11.2020
  • 0 - 50
  • 2042 Görüntüleme

Job Description

Designing and developing software solutions for websites and mobile applications that engage users and meet the Companies business requirements;
Designing and developing web infrastructure platforms including back-end database development and the construction of SQL queries via API scripting platforms;
Developing, implementing, and debuging software code.

Required Skills

Advanced knowledge of English;
Knowledge of web technologies and tools such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML, PERL, PHP, Active Server Pages, SQL, and other code languages;
3+ year’s experience preferable.

Summary Info

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Konya, Türkiye
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Konya, Türkiye
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Afalia Group is a U.S. based company with direct operations in Bodrum Turkey; importing high quality construction surfaces (interior and exterior) and providing advanced technology solutions with direct U.S. oversight.  We pride ourselves on finding the right partners and developing innovation at the highest level of quality and design. 
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