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  • 19.11.2021
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Job Description

We are looking for a passionate Software Developer to be part of our development team.

On top of a competitive salary and plenty of side benefits, at LF Global Tech you’ll be working on cutting-edge technology, be exposed to some of the top mentors and business partners and be guided by internal growth teams of top venture capital firms both in Turkey and abroad.

Who WE are?
We were established in 2005 to provide solutions and products for System management, Metaquotes, Mobile Applications and Website to every country we are in.. Over than 15 years, we became the largest company in Vietnam and continue our serveces in many countries such as USA, Singapore, Canada and Turkey, with the headquarters in Russia.We are a leading company in the field of marketing communication solution, helping businesses build brands and advertise products and services to reach more target costumers.
LF Global Tech is a leader in software development, web-based enterprise solutions, web applications and portal development. With over 15 years of experience, we have supported over 1000 businesses of all sizes with comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions. Our goal is to bring the best quality of service to customers through listening and understanding.Our culture is the core of everything we do. Focused on results, keeping our customers first, we always work for better and always test, iterate and improve. We have passionate goals and ultimate ambitions ! We are determined to grow our family with the new steps we take in Turkey and to make the great Istanbul a global software capital.
If you are sharing our ambitions, to demonstrate your experience in a global world, to constantly improve yourself by interacting with different cultures, we will be proud to see you in our rapidly growing family.

What are we offering?

  • Working in a global environment· 
  • A system that encourages our teammates in a way that developing themselves within a freedom and strong responsibility framework ·
  • Fast and Flexible Career Opportunities 

Are you motivated to be a part of this family and help us to build the rest of the story? Join our boat!

Job Description:

  • Responsible for reporting work to management (Leader, PO)
  • Responsible for building, developing and maintaining database systems for projects
  • Responsible for building, developing and maintaining API system for projects
  • Responsible for checking and fixing errors
  • Learn, evaluate and apply new technologies to build new projects, as well as optimize bad functions
  • Coordinate with BA department to understand project requirements, propose optimal solutions to realize requirements
  • Collaborate with Front-end to build functionality through REST API
  • Coordinate with Designer to build data flow
  • Coordinate with QC/QA department to ensure the output quality of the project

Required Skills

Skills & Experience:
  • 1- 3 years of experience working with .NET/.NET Core, Nodejs/Denojs, MySQL/SQL Server, Entity Framework/Swagger
  • 1- 3 years of experience in building medium and large scale software projects
  • Master the knowledge of LINQ/LAMBDA/JSON
  • Understand professional knowledge, specialized words, specialized English
  • Understand the concept as well as how to build functionality with REST API
  • Understand the concept of programming principles, programming thinking
  • Understand the concept and application of server-side security techniques
  • Experience in designing, building and optimizing large database systems
  • Experience in building schedule task systems
  • Experience in building real-time notify, sync data systems
  • Good coding skills
  • Good skills in researching and reading documents
  • Good listening and communication skills
  • Good problem-solving skills, working independently
  • Good logical thinking
  • Ability to concentrate, be careful, work under high pressure
  • Read and understand English documents
  • Experience working under Agile/Scrum model is an advantage
  • Experience working with IIS is an advantage
  • Knowing how to use GIT, Redmine is an advantage

Summary Info

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