IT Supervisor

  • 20.10.2018
  • 0 - 50 Arası Aday Başvurdu
  • 2103 Görüntüleme

Job Description

To manage daily IT & T needs and requests
To ensure ALL guest bedrooms have  working HSIA and IRES  Systems
To assist hotel guests with the HSIA and IRES  Systems
To maintain the HSIA and IRES  Systems in the hotel
To assist hotel guests with  ALL other IT & T related issues
To ensure ALL guest bedrooms have a working Television and any not functioning must be repaired by external vendor
To manage the hotel’s guest laptops and printers when requested by the guest
To ensure ALL hotel guest room equipment is in working order and presentable
To ensure ALL Conference and Meetings are set up if requested for all IT & T needs
To assist MOBOD colleagues with day to day issues
To proactively prevent issues before they occur (Put procedures in place)

Required Skills

Excellent communication skills in all aspects: verbal, written and non-verbal
Fluent in Turkish and English. 
Professional and appropriate business appearance and presentation.
Quality driven with a passion for excellence.
Approachable, open-minded and fair
Prior Hotel experience would be an advantage
Systems Knowledge
Springer Miller Systems
Spa Soft
Sun Systems
Exchange Server
Microsoft Networks
Novell Networks
Internet (WWW)
Network Printing
Active Directory
MS Office 2000/XP

Summary Info

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