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Orjin Deri Konfeksiyon San ve Tic AŞ

Taking the principle that “there’s no end to goodness” in leather and fur ready-to-wear garments, the Orjin Group of companies is a leader in its field and ranks at the top of world league tables thanks to its perfectionist approach.

The Orjin Group started out with its own labels and its own collections, creating its own know-how itself. In very little time, it attracted the attention of the leading names in the worlds of international fashions and textiles, becoming for them a production platform to which premier labels could confidently hand over the creation, preparation, and implementation stages of their own leather and fur collections.

As the leader of the leather garment industry in Turkey, the Orjin Group has proven its reputation for quality at home, just as it has done for the world-famous labels for which it works. The group produce goods for the leading names in the domestic market as well.

The Orjin Group believes that, where their areas of activity are concerned, "impossible" simply does not exist. Thanks to its unmatched experience, the group naturally embodies one of the world's biggest information pools on the subjects of textiles and ready-to-wear leather and fur garments.

Moreover, the group is willing to share that vast pool of information with its customers at every opportunity. Thoroughly experienced in the technical aspects of textiles, leather, and furs as well as in trading, the members of the Orjin Group provide customers with extensive information that is always strictly in line with customer priorities. Thanks to this unique approach to dealing with information, Orjin Group customers are able to make purchases that are as informed as they are successful.
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