Company / Job Description

  • Forwarding to the responsible people the complaints, critical technical issues and service problems
  • Providing the standard quality of the followed files and resulting them within the specified budget and solution time
  • Considering the zone system, the direction of customer representatives for their animation, management and providing customer satisfaction.
  • Responding the customer complaints fast, in a way to match customer expectations and within specified targets.
  • Being in continous contact with related customer representatives for training, informing, budget usage, communicating by using customer relations and providing satisfaction and following them effectively.

Required Skills

Graduation from a Bachelor programme,
No incompleted military obligations,
Advanced level of English and/or French,
Competent usage of MS Office Applications,
Good skills for;
- Relation management,
- Analyzes,
- Coordination,
- Creativity,
- Problem solving.
More oriented and motivated for;
- Helping people,
- Building a career within a multinational company,
- Working in after-sales section of automotive sector.

Summary Info

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