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Finance Specialist

İstanbul Avrupa Yakası
  • 24.06.2022
  • 0 - 50
  • 1905 Görüntüleme

İş Tanımı

We are looking for a Finance Specialist with the following qualifications to be evaluated within NASA Food Services Limited GmbH.

·       Managing global invoicing through effective communication and data follow up with sales and key managers,
·       Accurate and complete execution of invoicing for contracts assigned
·       Consolidate relevant information for billing & revenue recognition
·       Continuous improvement of billing processes and tools
·       Furnish the required information to general accounting, ensuring a smooth bookkeeping function,
·       Thorough and full utilization of Financial systems,
·       Consolidate financial data into easily digestible summary outputs
·       Assist with monthly P&L projections and business planning
·       Collaborate to facilitate the budget process and reporting
·       Prepare periodic management reporting – analyzing financial results, assessing current and future business risks/opportunities
·       Managing daily financial operations

Aranan Nitelikler

We want to hear from you if you;

·       Have a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Business, Management, or other related fields,
·       Have 2+ years experience in similar roles,
·       Have familiarity with Microsoft Excel and BI Tools
·       Proactive and self-directed, open to development,
·       Love working in a multicultural environment, and are fluent in English to communicate effectively,
·       Are familiar with working closely and communicating effectively with internal and external stakeholders in a fast-paced, growing and challenging environment.
·       Willing to work in flexible hours as necessary to accommodate communication with foreign clients

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 NASA Services International NSI is a global services company that provides fast and innovative solutions in labor supply, heavy equipment leasing, construction, city works, food management, and procurement.

-Committed to safety, quality service, and ethical standards, NSI employees work in some of the most challenging environments in the world, including conflict zones and remote, isolated regions. This has given us the agility, flexibility, and experience in providing quality and cost-effective solutions for clients in different sectors and countries of the world.

-Founded at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, our unique base of operations in Turkey provides a central hub and network. Our close proximity to key cities in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa ensures our clients have access to our award-winning service offering from almost anywhere in the world.If you are entering a new geographic area or expanding where you already have a presence, especially if it is remote or in a conflict zone, NSI can help.

-If your organization needs quality workers fast, NSI has the expertise to recruit and deploy the people you require. If you need help providing basic services – such as laundry or food service – for your employees on the ground, NSI can provide best-in-class support. For decades, NSI has provided these services and more to clients in the world’s most challenging environments. We would be honored to put our experience and expertise to work for your organization.

  • Full range of best-in-class contracting services.
  • Serviced more than 3,000 contracts and purchase orders to date.
  • Facilities and logistics relationships in more than 20 strategic locations throughout the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Striving for the highest standards of accountability and transparency – including earning ISO 9000, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001 certifications for safety and quality.

Over the past two decades, NSI has serviced more than 3,000 contracts and purchase orders for the world’s most selective customers, including large contracting firms, national governments, and multinational organizations.

We lease heavy and commercial equipment including service trucks, cranes, and dump trucks. We build and maintain “man camps” from the ground-up — including constructing housing and stor- age facilities; delivering water; supplying power generation and electrical grids; providing catering, laundry, and janitorial services; and recruiting and managing the thousands of people needed to provide these services on-site.

Our expertise translates across sectors, from defense and municipal infrastructure, to the oil and natural gas, mining, and humanitarian relief sectors.

NSI’s Comprehensive Service;

  • Offering
  • Labor Supply
  • Heavy Equipment Leasing
  • Construction
  • City Works
  • Food Management
  • Procurement
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