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Graphic Designer

  • 02.11.2020
  • 0 - 50
  • 2151 Görüntüleme

Job Description

Generating and manipulating graphic images, animations, sound, text and video into consolidated and seamless multimedia programs and working with web site creation platforms; Producing graphic art and visual materials for promotions, advertisements, video, packaging, and informative and instructional material through a variety of software platforms, mainly Adobe products Photoshop, Illustrator, In-design, Premiere Pro and capable of developing Word Press web sites.

Required Skills

Advanced knowledge of English;
Language Certificate TOEFL IELTS YDS English, etc.
Collaborative and good people skills:
1-3 year’s experience preferable.

Summary Info

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Afalia Group is a U.S. based company with direct operations in Bodrum Turkey; importing high quality construction surfaces (interior and exterior) and providing advanced technology solutions with direct U.S. oversight.  We pride ourselves on finding the right partners and developing innovation at the highest level of quality and design. 
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