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Social Media and Marketing Asistant

İstanbul Avrupa Yakası, İstanbul Avrupa Yakası Şişli
  • 25.10.2018
  • 100 - 200 Arası Aday Başvurdu
  • 2025 Görüntüleme

Job Description

Being a native Turkish speaker, speaking/writing English well, and being able to work five days a week for five hours (time is flexible) at my home office in Esentepe Mahallesi (Sisli) are the prerequisite for this position! I will not respond to applicants who don't fulfill these requirements.

My mission is to support singles and couples in Turkey and worldwide in co-creating healthy sustainable "Integral" love relationships that make the world a better place. I do this through two books I wrote, social media, talks, events, workshops, trainings, consultations, and my websites.

As a qualified candidate, you must be able and willing to work with my team and me as a self-employed contractor (meaning you pay your own taxes, insurance etc.)

The work-hours are flexible, and may include some evening and weekend hours, when you accompany me to business meetings, third party events, and Integral Relationship events that we arrange in Istanbul, as I only speak English and German.

Base pay is 2500 TL per month (25 TL per hour) plus bonuses and commissions based on book sales, event participation, and database/membership increases.

The desired results of us working together are:

* To have Turkish versions of my book published and successfully distributed.

* Promoting the Integral Relationship Vision in Turkey and Worldwide through creating and posting of inviting images with catch phrases, and eventually videos to increase the number followers, engagement with the websites (www.integralrelationship.com, www.integralsingles.com and www.singles2couples.org), book sales, event participation, and building a client base.

* Events in Istanbul (and potentially world-wide) ranging from free introduction and discussion events (meetups), paid practice events, experiential workshops, and certificate trainings for professionals. These events may be expanded to other countries in the region.

* Attracting clients for coaching and transformational development.

Most important to me is that you are a team player, creative, interested in healthy love relationships and personal growth/development, able to contribute ideas and options, able to brainstorm and co-create with my team and me, able to network with people who support our vision and mission in Turkey and beyond, and that you work with other members of our team such as translators/writers, interpreters, graphic designers, web-developers, video editors, etc.

With our team, you will further develop, monitor and feed my social media channels with images, texts, and videos, handle emails, support webinars, update my website, network with other people, and assist me in my daily life.

To be considered and to receive a response, you must submit an English! cover letter that outlines why you are interested in this position and how it would support your personal life purpose and career plans, and an English! resume that details your education and prior work experience with company names, hire dates, and duration of work. I will not respond to applications that don't include this information.

I look forward to hearing from you and, if you qualify, to meet you via skype, zoom or in person.


Martin Ucik

Required Skills

Do you speak English?

How many years of Social Media and Marketing experience do you have?

Are you in Esentepe Mahallesi, Şişli/Istanbul?

Do you have the following license or certification: ability to work as self-employed contractor?

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