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Comnet A.Ş. is dedicated to be universal internet data provider of Turkey. Originally founded in 2012, Comnet A.Ş. entered the internet market in 2002. with the prolific start of the World Wide Web (WWW). In a short time Comnet A.Ş. has own world class datacenter to provide total package solutions to their customers. Comnet A.Ş. as an industry leader who combines a host of comprehensive solutions with Comnet A.Ş.'s unparalleled expertise, cutting-edge technologies, and industry-leading service, we continue to deliver unique services, customer benefits and experiences while offering the ideal blend of affordability, simplicity and reliability.
Comnet A.Ş. now offering Leased lines, Private networks, Data Center Services as a Co-location Servers or Dedicated Servers, Wireless Services as direct internet access, Point to Point Network/wireless Services, Virtual Data Provider Services called as VDP, Cloud Server Services, Cloud Storages etc.

Some may say Comnet A.Ş. have become a leader within the hosting and data industry because of Comnet A.Ş. world-class data center with a worldwide unbeatible services and its user friendly custom made software. Others might say it's because we provide the best network in the industry, Tier one data provider of Turkey.
Comnet A.Ş. always ultimately, understand that own customers seek out it because the solutions of Comnet A.Ş. provide allow their businesses to focus on just that business.

In 2010 Comnet A.Ş. acquired one of the Turkish best hosting provider company which is "444HOST Internet Company". With this acquisition Comnet A.Ş. has completed its end user platfom for webhosting services. by 2012 Comnet A.Ş. made about $250.000 financial investment for "444HOST" brand and its system requirements.

In 2012 Comnet A.Ş completed other acquisition which is a UK/LONDON based company professional domain and SSL service provider "TIGOVA NETWORKS LIMITED". Comnet A.Ş also made more than $150.000 financial investment for brand software and hardware system for "TIGOVA"

by the year 2013, 444HOST (one of the hosting brand of Comnet) started to provide a hosting services to the largest Turkish e-commerce software called "Proticaret". Proticaret is a e-commerce software whic is currently using over 14.000 website. 444HOST is currently providing custom made hosting service over a 1.000 professional e-commerce website and counting.

The future plan of Comnet A.Ş. is being one of the largest technology company of EU. Follow us on our social networks.

Comnet A.Ş.

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