Assistant Call Center Manager

İstanbul Avrupa Yakası
  • 06.08.2020
  • 100 - 200
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Teleperformance Assistant Call Center Manager İş İlanı

Job Description


Who We are

We are the worldwide leader in outsourced omnichannel customer experience management. Teleperformance  connects  the biggest and most respected brands on the planet with their customers by providing  customer care, technical support, customer acquisition, digital solutions, analytics, back-office and other specialized services to ensure consistently positive customer interactions. When your customers contact you or vice versa, we are there to support them and make sure they have a unique experience with your brand in all channels.

We are a team of 300,000 passionate people working in 350 sites providing outstanding customer experience from 80 countries in 265 different languages and dialects.

Our information security strategy ensures that we’ll always be ahead of the market in security practices. Teleperformance leads the industry with world-class, award-winning security measures in contact center information defense. As the first in our industry to receive PCI certification, Teleperformance voluntarily complies with major security regulations. 

Teleperformance Turkey has an exciting opportunity for a motivated Assistant Call Center Manager to work at İstanbul Flatofis.



Supervise associates. Maintain quality and efficiency by consistently monitoring the team’s and Supervisor’s effectiveness. Evaluate Supervisors based on monthly performance reports and trends.

Required Skills

What we are looking for:

  • Graduate studies or equivalent
  • Proficient knowledge of English
  • One year of leading experience at least or equivalent
  • Ability to use the desktop computer system
  • Ability to use Internet applications
  • Usage of MS Office
  • Familiarity with iOS and/or MacOS, or comparable technology, is preferred, İOS

Key Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate department activities and special projects to ensure quality and meet timetables
  • Direct staff in the development, analysis, and preparation of reports
  • Supervise staff following company policies and procedures
  • Assist staff to resolve complex or out of policy operation problems
  • Responsible for staff scheduling to include: work assignments, employee vacations, employee breaks, overtime assignment, back-upfor absent employees
  • Coordinate with Human Resources for appropriate staffing levels
  • Assist in the interview and hiring process for potential candidates
  • Schedule and conducts staff meetings
  • Responsible to meet department productivity and quality goals
  • Meet with the senior manager every week to plan, strategize, and review department performance
  • Communicate and be a focal point of dissemination of information from management to team and vice versa
  • Suggest and inform the Management on any matters relating to improving revenue generation & customer satisfaction with regards insofaras it affects call handling and call center processes
  • Monitor daily productivity and informs the Management accordingly
  • Evaluate Supervisors and follows structured action plans for Supervisors’ development
  • Initiate and coordinate Problem Solving Processes for identifying root causes and improving performance

Soft Skills:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication

     -Ability to communicate correctly and clearly

  • Comprehension

     -Ability to clearly understand a problem statement

  • Good Problem Solving

     -Strong troubleshooting

    -Ability to approach problems logically

Summary Info

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Teleperformance Türkiye

46 ülkede, 66 dilde, 276 çağrı merkezinde 100,000'den fazla çalışanıyla dünyanın en büyük çağrı merkezi hizmetleri veren kuruluşudur.Türkiye’nin en deneyimli çağrı merkezlerinden biri olan METİS‘i bünyesine katarak global deneyimi ile Metis’in yerel uzmanlığını birleştirmiştir.

Bütünleşik çok kanallı dışkaynak müşteri deneyimi yönetiminde dünya lideri Teleperformance, 1978 yılından bu yana dünyanın önde gelen kurumlarıyla müşterileri arasında sürekli ve sağlam bir ilişki kurmalarına olanak tanır. İşini tutkuyla sahiplenen 300.000 kişilik ekibi ile Teleperformance, 80 ülkede, 350 çağrı merkezinde, 265 farklı dil ve lehçede yüksek tüketici memnuniyeti (CSAT), müşteri memnuniyeti (KSAT), çalışan memnuniyeti (ESAT) ve kalite programlarıyla eşsiz müşteri deneyimi sunar.

1995 yılında kurulan Teleperformance Türkiye, uluslararası deneyim, sürekli inovasyon, en iyi yetenekler, sürdürülebilir yönetim, analitik çözümler ve stratejik lokasyonlar ile global standartlarda yerel mükemmellik sağlar. Teleperformance Türkiye İstanbul, Balıkesir, Uşak, Trabzon ve Antalya’da bulunan 6 merkezinde 3000’den fazla çalışanı ve çok kanallı müşteri hizmetleri stratejisiyle en başarılı dış kaynak çözümlerini sunar. Müşteri hizmetleri, müşteri kazanımı (telepazarlama & telesatış), teknik destek, alacaklar yönetimi, BPO, e-Performance sosyal medya ve Teleperformance Analytics alanlarındaki başarısı ve liderliğiyle tanınmaktadır.


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