IP Network Mühendis Yer: Bükreş ve Timisoara

  • 28.01.2021
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Huawei Enterprise Business Group invites young, talented engineers in the Network product branch to join our team.

Our Network products (Routers - Routers, Switches, Firewalls - Firewalls & Security Gateways - Security Gateways, WLAN devices and more). You have the chance to join a team enthusiastic to create a well-trained, customer-focused team that will establish strong connections to meet customer demands from all over Europe.

 The team provides Huawei customers, partners, and other technical support engineers with the best troubleshooting support worldwide 24x7 via phone, e-mail, web and remote connection.

The Technical Support Center is made up of highly sensitive, tech savvy people who love what they do. Enabling Customers by enabling Huawei Technologies!


  • Meeting the demands from Europe for network products (Routers - Routers, Switches, Firewalls - Firewalls & Security Gateways - Security Gateways, WLAN devices and more);
  • To take adequate measures to solve serious problems and to seek professional support from experts when necessary;
  • Provide detailed information on how to install and configure IP products and basic troubleshooting based on the existing database of technical documentation;
  • Recommending appropriate firmware and detecting hardware errors; Working with a higher level technical team and providing timely solutions according to the customer's contract;
  • To use the service record system to keep track of the problems of the customers and to make error analysis through the service record In order to provide effective service, to define the problems and critical problems of the customer well and to work with the higher level technical team to provide solutions to the customer as soon as possible;

Aranan Nitelikler

Required Qualifications:
  • Strong communication skills (Phone and e-mail);
  • Good speaking and writing in English;
  • Focus on the customer;
Mandatory Technical Information:
  • To have knowledge about Server & OS;
  • To have knowledge about LAN Switch technologies (ARP, MAC address, VLAN, STP, link aggregation);
  • Information about routing concepts (routing);
  • Information about infrastructure services (DNS, DHCP Operations, VRRP, NAT);
  • To have knowledge about network monitoring applications and protocols (SNMP, NMS);

Technical information that will bring plus: 
  • BGP routing protokolü hakkında temel bilgi;
  • Güvenlik ile ilgili temel bilgiler (İPSeç, SSL VPN, Güvenlik Duvarı kavramları);
  • NAC ile ilgili temel bilgi (Dot1x, EAP, MAC doğrulama, CHAP\PAP);
  • Radius ve TACACS hakkında temel bilgi;
  • WAN teknolojileri hakkında temel bilgi (PPP, PPPoE, HDLC );
  • Telekomünikasyon alanında 1 yıldan fazla iş deneyimi;
  • Herhangi dillerden bir tanesini bilmek; Fransızca, İspanyolca, İtalyanca,Almanca, Lehçe, Türkçe.

  • Maaş + Yıllık performans bonusu;
  • Spor salonu indirimi;
  • Özel Sağlık Sigortası indirimi;
  • Esnek program;
  • Aylık ücretli 4 saat izin;
  • Vardiyeli çalışma imkanı;
  • Haftalık meyve günü;
  • Huawei ürünleri için sertifika alma imkanı (HCNA, HCNP, HCIE );
  • Uygulamalı deneyimler ve Laboratuvar testleri;
  • Ürünler hakkında çok sayıda dökümantasyon;
  • Information center where you can reach the technical problems faced by our engineers around the world;
  • Opportunity to contribute to the knowledge center and be part of the growing Huawei engineers group;
  • Business travel abroad and opportunity to support customers on site (after gaining experience on Huawei products).
"HUAWEİ ENTERPRİSE ROMANİA GSC" Türkiye İş Kurumu' nun 111 numaralı izin belgesi ile faaliyetlerini sürdürmektedir.

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Huawei Enterprise Romania GSC

Huawei Enterprise Romania GSC focuses its goals on satisfying customer needs, reducing costs and ensuring smooth business operation. Our Enterprise GSC offers 24/7 multi-channel access, multi-language support in 6 different languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, German) and IT platforms used by our engineers to solve our customers’ problems. There are 5 Centers in Enterprise Romania GSC: Network Operations Center, Technical Assistance Center, Remote Delivery Center, Spare Parts Center and Marketing & Channel Support Center.

In Romania we have 2 offices located in Bucharest and Timisoara, where we have over 150 employees.

Short description of our departments:

The Technical Assistance Center 
helps customers solve daily issues and major incidents in an efficient way with the help of big data analytics technology which will also help customers reduce the potential risks of their networks.

The Network Operation Center provides IT outsourcing and Smart Nos services. These services help our customers maintain their network with the best practice and also reduce the cost of maintenance and focus on business innovation.

The Remote Delivery Center offers a ground breaking collaboration framework that virtually connects field service engineers with global service experts through Augmented Reality technology. As a result, Huawei experts can guide engineers in a distant physical space through their planning and design verification and service assurance activities. It will significantly accelerate the deployment and improve the service delivery quality.  

The Marketing and Channel Support Center provides a full range of channel oriented services by helping our partners to ensure the service continuity and continually improve our service quality. Furthermore, this center also provides a service exhibition section with access for our partners and customers who would like to visit.

The Customer Care Representatives Team receives various technical requests from the customers in 6 different languages, through different channels. They are in charge of creating the problem ticket, dispatching the problem ticket to corresponding engineer (team) based on product line and network element type. The Customer Care Representatives must also ensure that cases are raised within SLA time, and that entitlement check is performed.

The Spare Parts Center is involved in all that means Planning, Logistics and Customer Support for all WEU, CEE & Nordic, Australia/ New Zealand clients.They are the ones to make sure all the deliveries are reaching their SLA, closely maintaining the contact with HQ RSPC and Hungary team about stock insurance. They keep in touch with the LSP, Supply Chain and with the customers until closure and make sure everything related the spare parts is under control.
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