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Teknik Destek Mühendisi

  • 22.09.2017
  • 50 - 100 Arası Aday Başvurdu
  • 1937 Görüntüleme
Klemsan Elektrik Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Teknik Destek Mühendisi İş İlanı

Job Description

Short View On Klemsan

Established in 1974, KLEMSAN has become a global brand with its 7 offices in Turkey and 9 offices worldwide and its extensive dealer network by the investments made.It extends the product range and production capacity every day with its investments on R&D and manufacturing.Performing the design and manufacturing of Electrotechnical, Electronics and Wire & Cable Management products;Design and manufacturing of embedded software and hardware for electronic products, and special software for test apparatus-devices;Design and manufacturing of non-standard, process-specific machines internally and manufacturing these products as per the international standards and compliances,KLEMSAN ensures that its products are delivered to the customers always with the same quality at all conditions and everywhere.

Our Vision

We work to provide the best value to our customers. We place great emphasis on the satisfaction of our employees. We adopt high business conduct and integration as our principles. We aim long term, sustainable success. We take the innovative thinking as our guide. We respect all opinions, ideas and values.

Our Goal

Our target is, to become a global company that provides standard solutions to the problems in the industry, invest primarily on R&D and innovation, and create value for our customers and employees.
For our Sales Head Office in Istanbul, we are looking for a Technical Support Engineer. This role will be responsible for after sale technichal support for Electronic product groups.

Required Skills

General Qualifications:

• Minimum 5 years experience in industrial automation and/or energy management engineering.
• Electric & Electronics Engineering or Control&Automation degree
• Strong technical background  and  experience Energy Measurement and Remote Monitoring Systems, , Monitoring and Control Relays, Signal Converters
• Strong industry understanding
• Strong presentation and communication skills to present capabilities of Klemsan’s product portfolio and perform demonstrations of our products and solutions
• Must have good command of English, both written and spoken
• Must be self-motivated, result oriented, innovative and proactive team player
• Uses initiatives to resolve issues, propose and implement new practices
• Willingness to learn
• No military obligation for male candidates
• Must have a valid driver's license and a valid passport
• No restrictions on travel, domestic and  internationally. Must be available for extended trips/visits to customer sites and irregular working hours.

Job Description:

• Proactively seeking out new project and sales opportunities by developing new and existing technical relationships within accounts and prospects
• Preparation and detailed planning of technical activities for responsible industry and products
• This role will include product positioning, on-site customer support as needed, and will include being a technical consultant to our key customers
• Responsible for before/after technical support of the products and solutions offered to the customer and commissioning at the job site

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Klemsan Elektrik Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

1974 yılında kurulan KLEMSAN gerçekleştirdiği yatırımlar ile Türkiye de 7 dünya da 9 ofis ve geniş bayi ağı ile global bir marka haline gelmiştir.

Gerçekleştirdiği AR-GE ve üretim yatırımları ile ürün portföyünü ve üretim kapasitesini
her geçen gün arttırmaktadır.

Elektroteknik, Elektronik, Kablo Yönetimi ve Markalama ürünleri tasarım ve üretimini;

Elektronik ürünler için yazılım, donanım, test aparat-makine özel yazılım tasarım ve üretimini;

Proseslere özel, standart dışı makine tasarım ve üretimini kendi bünyesinde gerçekleştirerek uluslararası standart ve uygunluklar çerçevesinde üreten KLEMSAN;

Ürünlerinin her koşulda ve her yerde müşterilerine aynı kalite de ulaşmasını sağlamaktadır.

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