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Director of Engineering

  • 13.05.2019
  • 0 - 50 Arası Aday Başvurdu
  • 709 Görüntüleme

Job Description

Establish engineering guidelines and standard operating procedures to maintain excellent standards of quality and reliability in the Resort and Residences.
Establish a monthly reporting system in order to monitor Key Performance Indicators, guest room maintenance, energy consumption, operational and energy expenses, project updates, LQE activities and other specific tasks.
Establish, implement and maintain the FLHSS&E procedures, including relevant business continuity management plans and standard operating procedures.
Manages the combination of employing engineering colleagues and engineering outsourcing companies to minimize operating expenses.
Formulate and implement strategic direction for the hotel’s environmental protection activities and involvement in the local community.
Develop, implement and monitor the preventive maintenance programs for all assets of the hotel.
Ensures that the hotel operates in conformity with the local codes and regulations related to all areas under the positions responsibility. Updates the General Manager and EXCO of any changes or amendments that will affect the hotel

Required Skills

Excellent communication skills in all aspects: verbal, written and non-verbal
Strong creativity
Approachable, open-minded and fair
High energy and hands on in the operation
Must be able to work in a team and independently on occasions
High standards and very professional
Engineering studies such as Mechanical, Electrical, and Building Services.
Minimum of 5-10 years as Chief Engineer or Director of Engineering within luxury hotels.
Previous opening experience an advantage
Excellent knowledge of major building systems, power plant, air conditioning system, kitchens etc.
Experienced and knowledgeable in energy management.
Quality driven with a passion for excellence in guest service and satisfaction
Possess excellent organizational and administrative skills, result oriented, excellent interpersonal skills, self-motivated, team player with good leadership skills
Experienced user of office automation applications, including Word, Excel amongst others

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