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EVP of Software Engineering and Operations ($800K/yr) - Remote Work

İstanbul Avrupa Yakası, İstanbul Anadolu Yakası, Ankara, İzmir, Antalya
  • 22.10.2018
  • Yönlendirmeli İlan
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Job Description

We're running an Online Hiring Event every Saturday

Online Hiring Events are live forums designed to enable you to understand the role and requirements through an interactive Q&A session followed by a self-directed testing process. The testing takes between 3-5 hours to complete. It’s worth taking the time to finish all the tests because we evaluate every single complete application to find the top talent.

This event will include all testing required to apply for the role. Upon grading the tests, and if you advance, we will set up an interview with the hiring manager.

As a seasoned executive with experience in a global leadership role, you will report to the Chief Operating Officer, and will also serve as a vital member of the global executive team. 

In our business, the CEO and COO of the group companies set aggressive quarterly goals for the business. An EVP of Engineering & Operations is expected to lead the central organization towards achieving these goals. Our management process is to set weekly targets with daily check-ins to ensure we are on track to achieving the quarterly results.

We are an organization where acquisitions of software companies is one of our primary goals. The EVP will play a major role in the acquisition of some of these organizations and may be expected to lead the transformation of any acquired company within our 90-day program. We acquire a company a week.

Overall you will be expected to run a world-class software engineering organization using radically differentiated processes. In parallel, you will run operations across a variety of disciplines including SaaSOps, IT Ops, Support, Marketing, Sales, and Finance. You will be expected to hire, coach, and manage 5-15 SVP level executives who will be managing global groups with our factory-like processes.

You will be expected to be an expert at aggressive goal setting. You should drive weekly productivity improvements to obtain significant levels of value at much higher levels than that which you will find in other companies. You must continuously improve the quality of your teams using our global talent sourcing. You will leverage your technical depth as a former developer and architect to set a personal standard for excellence.

Required Skills

Candidate Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science is mandatory (MS or preferred)
  • 20+ years engineering experience in a leadership role managing multiple teams across multiple products and technologies. This is a global leadership role for a seasoned executive
  • Proven track record running a 1,250+ person software engineering and operations organization during the last 5 years
  • At least 1 year of experience managing teams outside of software engineering. Other teams should include support, sales, finance.
  • Be proficient at doing deep-dives into problem-solving with your teams and able to leverage past technical expertise in software development, quality assurance, cloud infrastructure, and automated deployments using CI/ CD tools
  • Spent at least 5 years in a hands-on software coding and architecture role
  • Managed an annual IT budget in excess of $100m
  • Recent experience with DevOps teams
  • At least 1 year of experience managing an organization that makes use of IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS
  • Experience with high-end enterprise systems deployed in environments of F500 corporation complexity.
  • An advanced level of English

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